We offer, with our Workshop “Fundamental Styles in Tango”, the possibility of have an approach and investigate in the typical characteristics of each one of the orchestral and composing styles which have made trend in the history of Tango. The class is specially orientated to musicians and arrangers as well as any person interested in the genre even if they haven’t formal studies of music. We consider also the possibility of attendance to the Workshop of Tango dancers and teachers who would like to improve their musical acknowledge in order to get better tools for their profession.

For that purpose, we propose a detailed exposition of the instrumental and stylistic resources which are appreciable in the different orchestras of the Tango’s golden age, beginning with a theoretical introduction and continuing with a practical demonstration in which some short musical fragments will be played, while explaining the utilization of the described techniques.

The class is opened for any questions that can emerge among the attendants, which will be answered as well as possible, inviting also the musicians to participate playing their instruments and joining the group.


The Workshop begins with a short historical review about the Tango’s origin and how it came to the traditional formation of Orquesta Típica. After, these Tango styles will be presented:

- Aníbal Troilo Orchestra
- Juan D’arienzo Orchestra
- Carlos Di Sarli Orchestra
- Osvaldo Pugliese Orchestra
- Quinteto Real of Horacio Salgán
- Quintet of Astor Piazzolla


A duration of two and a half hours it’s considered for this workshop, including a 15 minutes break on the middle. If the organiser believes that it’s too large for his possibilities or hi doesn’t counts with the hall enough time, it can be reduced in it’s duration in two hours, without a break.



We also work in the rehersal and interpretation of tango classical arrangements in the described styles. Oriented for professional musicians, amateur and students. We provide the scores in advance, which will be worked in partial and general rehersal.