The Band

Our group was born in the beginning of the year 2011. Our goal was to create a tango group with a new and personal proposal. We chose tango because we consider it Buenos Aires’ culture most representative music. We believe the creation of new groups in charge of young musicians is fundamental to enrich our culture and to start a new stylistic research to continue with the tradition of this musical genre that has existed for over a century as well as to renew the style, the sound and the artistic proposals. Our intention is to comunicate with the local tango audience and the citizens who usually visit milongas from Buenos Aires as well as people who aren’t used to this genre, or who think it is old-fashioned, offering them a renewed identity, closer to the actual rules of music and modern art.


Foto Grupal mediumThe group consists of six typical tango instruments. We present a sextet made of soloists so as to mark a difference with the sound of the traditional tango orchestras, giving relevance to the personality and sound of each performer. We also decided to give freedom to each member so as to write new compositions and musical arrangements. After the first live performances, the singer Hernán Fernández showed interest to become member of the group. We thought it was an excellent idea given that we knew of his excellent artistic level and insightful interpretations. This way, we started writing arrangements of typical tango songs.



The band is currenty well knowed in the musical circuit of Buenos Aires as well as our aesthetic identity is better defined. Besides, we have given concerts in Argentina's interior, and in Europe, performing in International Tango Festivals of Edinburgh, Toulouse, Bormes-les-Mimosas, Zurich and Hamburg. Sexteto Visceral has three published albums: Mordiendo el suelo (2013), Champagne Tango (2015) and Milonga de mis amores (2017).

We hope to be able to reach new milongas, festivals and theatres in any city where the Tango remains in progress.




Francisco Ferrero: Piano and musical direction
Javier Kase: Violin
Cecilia Barrales: Cello
Nicolas Maceratesi: Bandoneon
Mauro Paternoster: Guitar
Martin Wainer: Contrabass
Hernán Fernández: Voice